Our Story

DeBaise Bros Custom Cycles and Hot Rods was established in 1990 but their automotive roots go back much farther than that. Andy and Jimmy, the two brothers that make up DeBaise Bros., grew up building and racing cars in Wallingford CT and never left. With family owned businesses in their history, it was only a matter of time before the DeBaise Bros went and opened a custom shop of their own.

In the Early 70’s the Brothers teamed up with Steve Brooks and began there NHRA Drag Racing career. They raced everything from Full-Bodied Race cars to Rear-Engine Dragsters . While traveling the Circuit, the guys won a major Budweiser race and also broke the National ET record in the “A/D Dragster Class” at Epping N.H. After working on Race cars and Motorcycles in their spare time for a number of years, the guys decided it was time to go into business for themselves.

Andy, after working at and eventually owning Wallingford Spinning of Wallingford CT for over 30 years, decided to close the shop and open his latest endeavor, American Performance Products. Jim has over 35 years experience in working on and modifying everything from your daily driver to your high dollar show piece. Working at New Car Dealerships for nearly 3 decades, he is up to date with all the latest technology in the automotive industry. After leaving a local dealer in 1990, Jim decided to follow his life long dream and open the doors to DeBaise Bros. Garage and never looked back.

DeBaise Bros Custom Cycles & Hotrods

We pretty much do it all. Everything from general repair on your daily driver to building some of the nicest cars and bikes is all done under one roof. With the latest addition of two state of the art Dynamometers, the Dynojet 224xLC Chassis Dyno and the Dynojet 250i Motorcycle Dyno, the shops ability to calibrate your vehicle or motorcycle for optimum performance and reliability can be done with ease. DeBaise Bros also offers, but is not limited too:

*Wide Tire Conversions
*Custom Motorcycle Fenders, Oil & Fuel Tanks
*Full Cycle Frame Modifications & Conversions
*Complete Ground-Up Restorations
*Custom Exhaust Systems (Auto & Cycle)
*Award Winning Custom Paint & Airbrush Services
*Heliarc Welding
*Full Metal Fabrication
*Independent Front Suspension Kits Installed
*VP Racing Fuels
*NOS Systems / Filling Stations
*Hooker Pipes/Headers
*Rear Ends Shortened
*Enclosed Transport for Cycle & Cars

Meet the crew

Andy Debaise

Owner and Metal Fab Specialst

Andy runs the machine shop side of the business, American Performance Specialty Products. In charge of design and development, he also writes programs for CNC and HAAS machines for the production of new one off parts for our custom motorcycle and hot rod parts.

Andy sees the parts from concept design to production of final fit, with over 30 years of experience in his field. He won’t let the parts leave the shop unless it is right. If you go next door to the custom bike and hot rod area, Andy can be found there also, building custom chassis, suspensions and roll cages, stretching a bike frame or custom fitting parts on a bike or hot rod. Come on in, sit with Andy and talk to him about your project and see what wild and one of a kind parts American Performance can make for you.

Working with our in-house spinner and laser division, they can come up with parts not found on the market. Usually one of a kind, crafted to fit a particular motorbike or hot rod.

Jim Debaise

Owner and Metal Fab Specialst

Jim runs the garage side of the shop, with over 35 years of experience. He is the in-house welder from tig to mig, steel to aluminum. Jim is also a master fabricator in his own right, from metal shaping, raw fabrication to frame mods on both motorcycles and hot rods.

Jim is a master at engine building 2 cylinders to 8 cylinders, finding & making horsepower from raw parts, tuning it on one of our dynos and a leader in the field of rear end assembly & shorting. Being an avid drag racer at heart, he knows all about speed & power. Jim is part body man & experienced painter. He is now working in-house with XSPAINT on more complex paint jobs. He is the man in charge of towing & transportation of motorcycles & hot rods, overseeing several in-house drivers from flat bed to enclosed trailer to tractor trailer.

Jim sees to it that someone answers the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you break down your bike or hot rod, most times it will be Jim himself attending to your needs.

Ron Normandin

Metal Fab Specialst

At American Performance Products, Ronnie is a true craftsman who masters working a trade that is old school and brings it to the forefront. Ronnie is remarkable at metal spinning of all types, all done by hand. Its a true art and he has perfected it over 35 years.

Hand spinning fender blanks for our custom cycle shop, or hand working metal for a custom hot rod project, Ronnie puts his sweat and passion into his work first. He has given some of the best and one-of-a-kind parts that stand alone. Ronnie is very knowledgeable with several, if not all of the CNC and other specialized machines in the shop. He is a master hand at forming and fabricating all shapes and types of metals for our custom projects. You will also catch Ronnie engaged in the middle of an assembly of custom bikes & hot rods.

Pitching is where need be, he is also very talented in this area. Ronnie is very well known in the industry and a true asset to the team. He will not rest until the job is done.

Steve Brooks

Metal Fab Specialst

Steve is the company’s Public Relations & Media Manager. For the shop, he is project coordinator. He will sit and have one on ones with customers to go over every detail of the project and find out what they are looking for, giving them every choice available.

Are they looking for a daily driver or more of a weekend show car or bike? This is importance to get every dollar spent in the right place before the project begins. Steve does all of our media and public relations, from TV to newspapers or magazines. He can also be found working in the shop, breaking down a hot rod or bike for custom work or in the reassembly of both. He can usually fit in wherever needed. Steve has been with the DeBaise Bros since the 1970’s and has over 30 years of high performance experience, new and old.

Steve was a big part of the race teams when they fielded full bodied cars and dragster running in division one NHRA circuit. Ask Steve why all these years he’s still working with the DeBaise Bros. and he will tell you “cause I like being part of something that’s in your blood.”

Tom Farone

Metal Fab Specialst

Every shop needs Fall Guy… Well, Tom is just that. Whether it be a broken tool, wrong parts delivered from the parts store, cold coffee or just because the weather is bad, Tom is the guy we blame it all on. He is also our go-to-guy for pretty much everything.

Everything from looking up parts in a catalog or online, getting lunch/coffee, helping out around the shop working on cars and bikes or even being on call all weekend with the tow truck. After many years of being involved with DeBaise Bros, he has quite a few nicknames (most of which can’t be put up here). Aside from the typical nicknames, he really doesn’t have a job title here, but he’s definitely a big part of the DeBaise Bros team. He can be seen answering phones, talking to customers in the showroom about their next project and ordering the right parts to complete an existing project.

He’s the guy to talk to when it comes to sound systems or electronics. I guess you can say he’s a “jack of all trades”. Without him the shop wouldn’t be complete.

Derek Barnes

Metal Fab Specialst

As part of what goes on at DeBaise Bros., Derek is involved in many different aspects of most projects. Derek is in the fabrication end of what is done in-house, from welding, metal shaping and fabrication. He has been involved in this trade for more than 12 years.

At the shop, he is also involved at times in the machine shop (American Performance Products), working on various machines. Derek can also be hands-on in the assembly of many custom bikes and hot rods for delivery. He is also one of our many talented transport drivers, from tractor trailers, enclosed trailer or flat bed.

Derek is a valued member of the DeBaise Bros. team.

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