Custom Built Hot Rods


Finest and Affordable Customs on the Market!


At DeBaise Brothers, we build the finest and affordable custom hot rods on the Market.

You have had the dream all your life of owning a custom hot rod that speaks your personality and taste. But life happens and with kids, divorce or other things in your past, you just imagined having one and never really owned one.

We can change that! We can build you an affordable, one off custom hot rod with all of your ideas and bring your dream drive to life.

With over 100 years of combined talent and experience in house, under one roof, we can build you a Fiberglass Show Winner or an All Steel Classic, daily driven Hot Rod with your choice of Drive Trains, Interiors and Custom Paint Jobs.

*Come in and talk with us
*Take the tour of our state of the art shop
*Meet with Team that has the same passion as you.
*We have access to EVERY PART out there
*Or we can MAKE IT IN HOUSE.
*Browse around the site and see for yourself

Custom Pipes
Custom Wheels
Custom Painted and Airbrushing
(all by our in house artists)

High-Performance Motor Upgrades
Wide Tire Kits
All Hot Rods are Dyno tested

Need custom work on your car or motorcycle?

We’ll build your custom car or motorcycle to your style and specifications

Want your own hot rod?

We’ll build you the hot rod of your dreams or you can buy one that we already built!

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